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Born out of a passion for premium quality, at SJD we specialise in bespoke wine procurement. A winemaker by trade, Sam Dunleavy founded SJD in 2019.  The vision, from the vineyard to your door, encapsulates our commitment to connect leading wine producers from the most sought after regions across the globe with you - the at home, wine connoisseur.  


At SJD, we provide exclusive, one-on-one consulting for new generation wine buyers all the way through to elite-collectors. Our team of expert winemakers and sommeliers take pride in discovering outstanding wine within your taste parameters and budget. 


Our extended network of fine wine producers across Australia, New Zealand and the world allows us to deliver wine to our customers directly from the source. Our team has access to a wide portfolio of fine wines to fulfil all of our clients requirements.


Sam’s expertise coupled with a rigorous selection process ensures we consistently source only the finest wine. Our mission to deliver our clients the wine they need, when they need it is underpinned by our unwavering dedication to the highest level of customer service.




Managing Director


AUS +61 451 236 802

SJD_Social-Profiles TRANSPARENT.png


With a family history deeply entwined in the vineyards; wine is in Sam’s DNA. 


It all began in 1988 when  the Dunleavy family procured 30 acres of vineyard on Waiheke Island, New Zealand, and nourished it into a haven of premium wine. The first vintage of the family vineyard, Te Motu, was produced five years later  in 1993. From a young age, under the careful guidance of his father - one of Waiheke Islands pioneering winemakers - Sam fell in love with the art of making wine.


Proud, passionate and dedicated to the craft, Sam went on to study Wine Science at Auckland University. There he graduated at the top of his class, won the Delegates Scholarship and the top sensory prize in the blind tasting exam. 


A love for tasting and analysing wine, Sam was given the opportunity to be a judge on the New Zealand wine competition circuit. Here he was able to rub shoulders with and learn off some of the best wine judges, wine makers and masters of wine in New Zealand and the world. 


Sam knows it's not just about the work experience, qualifications or accolades - it’s about leveraging his extensive knowledge and industry connections to deliver clients premium wine coupled with world class service. That’s what sets SJD apart.

"Making good wine is a skill. Making fine wine is an art."

Robert Mondavi

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